Ahhhh….summer camp.

Anyone who has been to camp knows it’s an experience that stays with you forever. You’ll always remember the name of your favorite counselor, the first person you kissed behind the tree (or wish you did!), the crazy camp songs, the smell of the campfire, and the taste of s’mores. Even though you outgrew the shirt you got at camp – the one you wore so much it faded and tattered – you kept it because it was a symbol of one of the best weeks of your life.

We have the pleasure of working with a number of camps across the country. We’re inspired by their passion for camping and for giving kids a great experience. We want to help kids – and their parents – relive the memories of camp all year round. What better way than with some pretty cool gear?

Are you a camp director? Take a test drive on our sample online camp gear store. Tell us a little about yourself and you just might get a little something.  Let us know if you’d like an online store for your camp. (Even though this is a YMCA-focused site, we can tailor for any camp.)

Spread the word to your camping colleagues about this great way to keep your camp top-of-mind all year long!

Not a camp director, but would love an online store for your own customers? Let us know that, too.

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