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Have you ever watched a commercial and not remember what product it was advertising? Or glanced over a newspaper ad and never notice what it says? And what about radio ads…do you even listen anymore?

Okay, so TV, print and radio are still effective advertising methods, but to make your impression count, it can take thousands – even millions – of dollars. How can you get your name and contact info in the hands of your customers and ensure they’ll remember you? Promotional items.

FUN FACT: Some of the first promotional items were commemorative buttons given out at the inauguration of George Washington in 1789.

Why does that bag or pen or coffee mug with your company logo and website work so well? Because promo items:

  • Engage all the senses: Recipients can hold, see, and interact with the item in a way they can’t with other advertising methods.
  • Are useful: Everyone needs to write, drink, and carry stuff. Everyone.
  • Are appreciated by recipients: You are the answer to, “Why am I always losing my pens?” when you offer them a new one. Or “Awesome! Now I don’t have to buy a new water bottle…you gave me a reusable one!”
  • Are retained by recipients: People keep your stuff. It is reported that 73% of recipients use their promo item at least once a week!
  • Have a low-cost per impression: Ever see TV ad rates? I rest my case.


Info sources: Promotional Products Association International and Advertising Specialty Institute

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