The Swag Bag

We’ve been enjoying unseasonably great weather here in the Midwest. The greening of the grass and pleasant temperatures have us all thinking about golf.  And our clients are thinking about their golf fundraisers.

Sure, there’s the invite list, the booking of the course, food selection, sponsorships, auction items, but let’s be honest about what everyone loves the most: the Swag Bag.

As you plan your event and think about giveaways, you want to be sure you are spending your money on branded items that people will keep, use, and enjoy.

Here’s our take on a few of the more popular items:

Golf balls: a great way to feature your logo and every golfer needs golf balls. Golfers will appreciate a higher quality ball, but they will likely get lost. On a positive note, whoever finds the lost ball will also see your logo!

Divot tools, golf towels, ball markers: fairly inexpensive to produce and have a high likelihood of being kept.

Golf umbrella: will likely be kept, but is a higher cost and may not get much use on the course.  Still, a nice item appreciated by golfers.

Tees: cheap, but a throw-away item with not much imprint space for your logo.

Visors/hats: a highly popular item that will get lots of use, but many golfers are picky about what they’ll wear. They like to wear the brand that matches their clubs, balls, etc. Choose wisely.

Polos or other shirts/jackets: Everyone likes free apparel, but again, choose wisely – you’ll have to order a wide variety of sizes to fit all golfers and, like the hats, many golfers are brand-loyal.

A few top golf brands: Nike, Antigua, Adidas, Titleist, and Callaway. You’ll be pretty safe with any of these choices.

Bottom line: people like free stuff. If you select attractive, high-quality products, your golfers will either enjoy it for themselves or give away to another golfer who will.

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