Even sheep wear fleece. (Well…sorta.)

Considering Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow a few weeks ago and we’re facing six more weeks of winter, we’ll keep our fleece handy for a bit longer. It’s our go-to layer when it’s chilly, and based on many of our orders we know it’s also a favorite for people across the country.

Why is fleece so great? Pound for pound, it provides twice the insulation of merino wool and four times the insulation of cotton. (Not bad.)

It wasn’t until about 1979 and the invention of Polar fleece by a company called Malden Mills (now Polartec LLC), that a fabric was able to be warm, lightweight, and perform well even when wet, although those wearing it will likely perspire less, allowing them to be cool and dry when not active and will retain more body heat when they are active. (Great for skiing, snowshoeing, even dog walking!)


But what’s it made out of? Polyethylene terephthalate (say that three times fast) or other synthetic fibers, or sometimes from recycled plastics such as soda bottles. Typically, it takes about 25 disposed plastic bottles to make enough polar fleece for one piece of clothing.

It’s easy to wash. Easy to dry. Vegan. Comfy. Durable. Looks good. And just feels good to wear. It was even named “One of the hundred great things of the 20th century” by Time Magazine in 1999.

From jackets to vests, blankets to hats…we love fleece! Get some for yourself or your customers. They’ll thank you warmly for it!

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