What a toddler can teach us about customer service.

Tyra’s son, Angelo, visits the Promolux office now and then. Watching him interact with the team reminded us that maybe we can learn a thing or two from toddlers about good customer service.

  1. Smile! People can tell on the other end of the phone when you are smiling. Happy is contagious.
  2. Give lots of hugs. Maybe not physical hugs, but remind your customers they are important to you and that you need and appreciate them.
  3. Mine, mine, mine! Toddlers know this concept all too well. Just as they take ownership of their toys, take ownership of your customers’ needs and any problems that may arise.
  4. Why? Be genuinely curious about how your customers are doing, what they need and how satisfied they are with your service/products.
  5. Nobody likes a tantrum. Not moms and not your customers. Keep your cool no matter what the situation.
  6. I want it now! Respond to inquiries, issues and requests promptly.
  7. Snacks and Naps. Everyone is better on a full night’s sleep. Take care of yourself and you will take better care of your customers.
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