These are a few of my favorite things

Anyone who knows me knows I am a kid at heart. I wear sambas every day to work; I love new toys; and if I didn’t love my job so much, I would play all day!

I’m also all about the holidays and the holidays are all about giving. So for the first time, I gave myself a gift, and I must add it is the coolest gift EVER: Beats Studio by Dr. Dre headphones.








I know, they are pretty awesome. They fit great, look cool and sound spectacular.  Best of all – the packaging. They arrived in this awesome box. Opening the box was even more fun, with fabric tabs and Velcro – it was amazing. I was just as excited about the packaging as I was the product inside. I would expect nothing less from Dr. Dre.






Speaking of packaging…
My parents – who have always been my best Santa – gifted me Apple TV.






Yeah, also cool. And the packaging: great. If you are an Apple person, you know their packaging just feels and looks good. Slick, clean, minimalist and they are smart enough to always include a little apple sticker so you can decorate whatever you want with their iconic logo.

These were good reminders to me that every detail counts. When you are building and maintaining your brand – everything matters. From the way your receptionist answers the phone to how you talk about yourself to how the packaging looks and feels, it all builds on your brand. Know who you are as a company or organization and make sure everything you do aligns with that.

In the meantime, I’m gonna go geek out a little more.

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