Hot products for kids this summer

The memories kids have from camp last forever. Sometimes their swag does, too! They carry, wear, and drink from items they get at camp like a badge of honor. When they see another camper wearing a camp shirt or carrying the camp bag, it’s like a secret club they are both proud to be part of.

So what are the hot items for kids this year? What will kids hold on to almost as long as the fun memories?

cool camp stuff

We can help! Give us a call and we’ll get you ready for summer – or any time you work with kids.

Yeti Sighting

We’re happy when the client’s happy. It’s even better when we get to have a lot of fun and flex our creative muscle along the way.

Recently, we were approached by a longtime friend and client of Promolux and the Director of the Cudahy Community Education and Recreation Department, Tina Kreitlow. The department was organizing an event to raise money to reinstitute a summer day camp for the kids in Cudahy, WI. Their goal was to engage people of all ages from the area to participate in a fun, outdoor, healthy activity. In the winter. The long, cold, snowy winter of Wisconsin.

And so the Yeti Dash Snow Shoe 3/5K was born.

We were asked to design a logo to help promote the event. Creative director, John, got to work and came up with this fun design:









The event, held along a scenic Lake Michigan route, drew 101 snowshoers from intense racers to novices and participants as young as 4! A Yeti even made an appearance to help kick off the race.

There is no doubt in my mind that one of the reasons we did so well with this first-time event is because we had a really cool name that resonated with people and an awesome logo, created by Promolux. The logo was easy to use and completely captured the event’s purpose. Participants LOVED the Yeti Dash shirts. Great job to Promolux!” Tina Kreitlow, Director of Community Education and Recreation.

2014 Yeti participant with cool view behind  Tina and Pat J with Yeti


On the day when many people are professing love for their boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife, we can’t stop talking about these:








Yes, pens. THESE pens. We love how they write, how they feel in our hands, how they look and how long they last. Pens. Romantic, isn’t it?

And there’s a color for every taste. John prefers the charcoal grey. Melissa the teal green. Amber…pink, of course. And Tyra can’t get enough of the blue.

So in honor of Valentine’s Day and our undying love…

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
We love these pens.
You can have one, too!

(Click here to learn more about the pen. Wouldn’t it be great to have your logo on it and in the hands of all your staff, customers and everyone who loves you?)


A Goat Worth Listening To

Long-time client and environmental champion, Quad/Graphics knows how to make it fun to be green!

Their environmental spokesgoat (yes, we said spokesGOAT) and mascot, Gruff, is an advocate of enlightened environmentalism and a natural-born recycler. He sets the example for all of us by recycling everything and education others on the importance of taking better care of our world.

Last month, the youngest children received a stuffed Gruff at their employee holiday Christmas party complete with a hangtag on his ear that included his motto, “Be a Gruff, Recycle Stuff.”

Thanks to Quad/Graphics for your years of business and for letting us help with fun – and earth-friendly – projects like these!


Giving Thanks

With Thanksgiving just hours away, the team took a few minutes to reflect on the blessings in our life and what we’re thankful for. (As you can tell, it’s been a little busy around here!)

  • My husband
  • My job
  • My new home
  • My family
  • My friends
  • This short & much needed vacation
  • Time I will be spending with family & friends
  • The yummy food I’ll be eating
  • Short work weeks (like this one)
  • That special someone who adores me
  • My 2 smart, beautiful and, most importantly, healthy daughters
  • My feisty little dog Zoë – who is my 3rd daughter 🙂
  • I’m thankful to be surrounded by people who love and understand me.
  • Time with my son
  • My awesome co-workers
  • Great clients who are a joy to work with
  • A short work week, because it’s been CRAZY!
  • Thankful I have Sambas on my feet
  • Thankful to have food, water and shelter

Here’s wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with laughter, relaxation, people you love, and happiness.

The Power of Promotional Products

People love free stuff, but that’s not why promotional products work so well. Truth is recipients/customers keep the promotional products you thoughtfully select and they remember – and like – you for it!

In the 2013 Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study by the Advertising Institute, researchers polled 7,000+ consumers in 21 metro areas to prove the power of promotional products.

Among their findings:

  • On average, items are kept for 7 months.
  • People keep them because they are useful. (Keep that in mind when you are choosing your product. Pick things that are useful – bags, shirts, drink ware, etc.)
  • Items get passed on (not tossed). 63% of respondents in the U.S. said that when they receive a logoed item they no longer wish to keep, they give it to someone else.
  • People remember you. Nearly 9 in 10 (86%) U.S. recipients of promo merchandise can identify the advertiser (YOU!) on the item.
  • Promo items generate new business. When consumers were asked how likely they were to do business with an advertiser they hadn’t previously done business with after receiving an item, over one-third (36%) said they were more likely to do business with them in the future.
  • People like you. They really like you. Outerwear leaves the most positive attitude about the advertiser, as three-quarters (75%) of branded outerwear recipients had a more favorable impression of the advertiser.

When you are planning your marketing budget, be sure to make room for promo items. And when it comes time to select what you are going to put your logo on, let us help you! We can help you create something useful, attractive, and memorable.

SWAG Works

Have you ever watched a commercial and not remember what product it was advertising? Or glanced over a newspaper ad and never notice what it says? And what about radio ads…do you even listen anymore?

Okay, so TV, print and radio are still effective advertising methods, but to make your impression count, it can take thousands – even millions – of dollars. How can you get your name and contact info in the hands of your customers and ensure they’ll remember you? Promotional items.

FUN FACT: Some of the first promotional items were commemorative buttons given out at the inauguration of George Washington in 1789.

Why does that bag or pen or coffee mug with your company logo and website work so well? Because promo items:

  • Engage all the senses: Recipients can hold, see, and interact with the item in a way they can’t with other advertising methods.
  • Are useful: Everyone needs to write, drink, and carry stuff. Everyone.
  • Are appreciated by recipients: You are the answer to, “Why am I always losing my pens?” when you offer them a new one. Or “Awesome! Now I don’t have to buy a new water bottle…you gave me a reusable one!”
  • Are retained by recipients: People keep your stuff. It is reported that 73% of recipients use their promo item at least once a week!
  • Have a low-cost per impression: Ever see TV ad rates? I rest my case.


Info sources: Promotional Products Association International and Advertising Specialty Institute

If at first you don’t succeed…

We recently helped the Every Child a Reader organization celebrate Children’s Book Week, the annual celebration of books for young people and the joy of reading. In addition to the numerous nationwide events, the group distributes tote bags (perfect for kids to tote their books!) featuring the original design from the commemorative Book Week poster.

2013 poster by Caldecott winning illustrator, Brian Selznick.

That’s where we come in. We were happy to work with the group to produce their tote bags.

Not to get too geeky on you, but we used a simulated process to produce the bags. The process uses traditional spot colors, yet blends them in a four-color process manner, simulating full-color images and allows us to produce very realistic images and the best look for your design. We wanted to be sure to capture Selznick’s work and the organization wanted a “dreamy” look.

Numerous press check and not-quite-right bags later, we were all happy with the final bag:

It didn’t matter to us how many press checks and how many process-tweaks later, what mattered most was the happy client and happy kids with bags full of books.

At the core of our beliefs is a dedication to quality. If we’re gonna do something, we’re gonna do it right. Every time.

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