Case Study #1: Member Rewards

From time-to-time we’re gonna share with you some of our favorite challenges/successes. These Case Studies are intended to show you how we think and what we can do for you.

Case Study #1: YMCA Member-Get-A-Member Rewards Program

YMCAs across the country execute Member-Get-A-Member (MGAM) campaigns throughout the year to foster word-of-mouth recruitment of new members. After all, a happy member is their best advertising! Current members receive a piece of coveted Y apparel as a way of saying “thanks” when they refer a new member.

Not knowing how many will join and who will do the referring, it is nearly impossible for Ys to inventory the correct sizes and styles that the members need and want.

We built an on-line store where referring members enter their unique redemption code and shop for their desired piece of apparel. The code is printed on a small, plastic Reward Card they receive when their referred member joins. The item is then shipped directly to the member at their home.

The Y saves time and money not needing to inventory/fulfill thousands of unique apparel orders. We also manage any returns, exchanges or questions about the apparel – saving the Y time and hassle. The members have a fun and satisfying shopping experience as they are able to select their desired item in the correct size and color.

(Click on any image to enlarge and see what we built for the Y!)

Here’s Mark – a happy MGAM Rewards Customer – looking good in his new jacket!

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